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If you have been wondering about what TRDC project is preparing behind the scenes; well ! they shared a glimpse of what’s coming in the last couple of days.

In the past three days, news has been shared with the community members on telegram and twitter concerning the coming plan of the new TRDC staking service. The team has provided the TRDC holders with the coming staking contract that will enable them to stake their TRDC token and share the rewards in the staking pool.

Being said, the official launch of the staking service is officially on 23 January , it is the day when the final version will be released. But since the community has been provided with the beta version, staked TRDC tokens volume is getting bigger and bigger by the day (2.5% of total supply at the moment of writing this exact word).

Staked TRDC on the TRDCStake beta version

Having 2.5% of total supply staked in the beta version is something overwhelming for the TRDC team that shows the mutual trust and dependency on this project.

TRDC team revealed that TRDC Stake service will not be limited to TRDC tokens only. The team is contacting other tokens and receiving offers from others in order to book a pool for their holders.

Other tokens will be able able to create a staking pool using the TRDCStake service and provide their holders with more rewards.

A glimpse of the TRDCStake V2 coming next month

If you are a token team thinking of booking a decentralized staking pool for your token, please contact TRDC team on telegram official group ( or via the token official email (

If you are an Android or IOS user, you can check our updated TRDC wallet versions via this link. You can swap directly on TRDC wallet using PancakeSwap and 1Inch servers without the need to connect to a DApp. Just create a new wallet or import yours to TRDC wallet and start swapping.

And you can try our TRDC Swap DEX that’s going to be updated soon. Read more about it in this article. Some of our products in beta versions are going to be available to use and test by the TRDC community. Be part of it now !

TRDC is a BEP20 token of 210M as max supply.

More info about the Traders project :
Website :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Smart Contract BEP20: 0x7e8db69dcff9209e486a100e611b0af300c3374e

Slippage : 0.1% on PancakeSwap & 1Inch

Listed on : XT, Cointiger, Coinsbit & Latoken



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TRDC is a decentralized platform’s project of cryptocurrencies’ trading where users get full control of their money.

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