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2 min readApr 30, 2022


A new chance to win with Trdc game contest

On 30/04/22 a new challenge was created once again for our holders to win like last times , this all comes in the objective of Trdc project opening to making contests to motivate our community for more participation and encourage them for a mentality to compete and win in an honorable way ,that besides merging work in Opensea more and more .

*A Chance to win 2 cards first card is an NFT Polygon , the seconds is a BSC Thief Card with a power between 30 and 1000 p (valued between $30 and $2000) .This competition applies For the first 100 wallets only and Distribution after the number is complete .

Participation conditions:
*Buy 4000 trdc with a new wallet.
*Like and share the post and write #TRDC in a comment
*Enter my Twitter account and put in the last screenshot of your purchase from Pancake Swap
*Enter opensea link that I will share and place an offer on a card with a symbolic value only for one card in order to be among the 100 owners of the cards.
* Max supply of cards and powers is limited.

Good luck to all

Opensea link:



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