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In 15 April 2022, TRDC is launching its money heist game after the successful launch of TRDC staking platform in February. The game is based on making trips into banks as thieves and stealing TRDC tokens from its vaults. If you are lucky enough, you will get powerful thieves cards from the beginning and make the heist more luckily to succeed.

Launch date is 15/04/2022

In the game, you can buy thieves or cops card, and upgrade them. Also, you can buy a weapon for your thief to make him stronger. If it got caught by another player’s cop, he takes what that thief has stolen and return a part of it to its owner, and burn some. So be smart when making a heist.

Thieves and cops cards

The cards are either thieves or cops, both can get you money depending on their levels. The rules are as below, read them attentively :

1- Gamer should approve with the front end the use of his TRDC tokens in order to pay for the card.

2- After approval gamer can start buying cards, and he will receive a thief card or a cop card randomly.

3- Gamer can buy weapons to update his thief card.

4- Gamer can use any thief card to start a bank heist. The result will be shown for the gamer after the heist end. If the user power was higher than the bank power, then he will take 60% of the bank vault, if the power is the same, then the result is draw and the user will only gain 50% of the card he bought.

5- Cops can be used by gamers after they own one card of a cop at least, a cop will search for a thief and if he catch a thief he will take 60% of his vault distributed as following. 20% Burned, 20% back to rewards, 20% for the cop. A gamer can have a cop card with a low power this will decrease the cut to 30%. 10% to burn, 10% back to rewards, 10% to cop.

6- The game depends on rounds, each round is 2 hours, nobody can claim his rewards in the first hour, after the first hour you can play and claim at the same time, gamers have to be fast and smart to prevent any lose in their rewards after a successful heist.

Check our twitter page or our telegram community group for more details.

The first battle is launched

An battle is launched at in 13th of April. See announcement , and stay tuned for more upcoming events.



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