A 2 Million TRDC reward to be shared among thinkers , creators and leaders !

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2 min readMar 27, 2022


For 4 months, TRDC kept one big vision drawn by the token creator. As the team was formed, the vision became wider when each new member draw a part on the painting. Holders, councilors , passing investors or even haters, each had drawn a part in the team vision.

Now, TRDC is calling for you to officially pick you favorite colors and start adding your touch on that big painting that is being created. For this purpose only, a pool of 2M TRDC token is going to be given as a reward for those who act, or think, or better act and think. Join the winning individuals who will share that pool by making your individuality distinction a persistant part of the team work that will widen the project universe and push it forward.

Those three categories who can jump in now

Innovative ideas is what we are looking for, end this time, we are inviting you to show your skills and prove you are:

  • The best marketer
  • The best developer for smart contracts and frontend/web3
  • The best designer

Send your idea/ideas to Contact@Trdctoken.com and mention in the subject : TRDC 2022 Competition “ marketing / Design/development ” . If you apply for two positions, send more than one email, each for every category.

We are still reachable in our Telegram community and twitter for the questions. Now it is time for you to write that email.

Good Luck..

Original Twitter Post : ClickOnMe

Website : ClickOnMe



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